Smart sense vending machine for snacks, drinks, fruits etc weight sense mini vending

Informacion basica
Nombre de la marca: OEM
Número de modelo: Sentido elegante
Cantidad de orden mínima: 20
Precio: 1800
Condiciones de pago: T/T

How it works:


1. Tap card to open the door
2. Take product out of the machine
3. Close the door. It’ll lock again.
4. The machine will detect which
product was taken and deduct
the payment from card



Customer can open the door to select products, excellent shopping experience.
No tag needed on products, saving cost.
Automatically close and lock door.
No moving mechanism, high capacity, easy to restock.

Capacity:420 L
Screen: 22 inch
Shelves: 4 (can be 5)
Size: 67W*70T*204H    (for single cabinet, double door machine width is 134cm)
Lock: electric door lock
Sense mode: weight
Optional: camera, speaker,
Payment system: Nayax card reader
Cooling range: 2~16 celsius degree
Door glass: double layer safety glass, defog


WhatsApp : 8613826225189